We offer a vast range customized purification products and solutions that are best suited for even the most complex applications. Our activated carbon products, adsorbents and minerals are used across industries in air/gas/water treatment, water filtration, oil & gas, automotive, mining, food & beverages, pharmaceuticals and in personal care for decolourization, deodourisation, elimination of contaminants & pollutants, dechlorination, deozonisation, etc.

     Our specially manufactured high grade activated carbon has remarkably higher surface area, adsorption properties and retention rate. It is highly suitable for consumable, environmental, industrial, health, and safety applications. Our vast range of activated carbon products comes in a variety of sizes, forms, and pore structures. We will help you find the best activated carbon solutions that add value to your process, improves performance and is cost-effective.

Feature :
  • Low dust production
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High organic compound capacity
  • Enhanced pore structure
Application :

Highly suitable for food & beverage, industrial, personal care, pharmaceutical and environmental safety applications.