Our trusted technical expertise enhances a range of healthcare industry solutions that:

  • Provide new design opportunities for medical device manufactures
  • Treat illness via transdermal and topical drug delivery systems
  • Enable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing
  • Keep medical supplies and devices sterile
  • Protect medicines


Medical Device Solutions
Backed by science and rigorously tested, our silicones, adhesives, resins, elastomers, and coatings enhance the performance of medical devices that improve the lives of millions. Our technology also enables medical device fabrication, transdermal drug delivery, wound care, and more.
Biopharmaceutical Processing Solutions
We are a globally recognized leader in silicone-based technology for biopharmaceutical processing. We now offer one of the most expansive lines of silicone tubing and over-molded assemblies for ultra-pure fluid transport of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug products
Pharmaceutical Solutions
We collaborate with pharmaceutical customers to tailor adhesive solutions for drug delivery systems that target diseases and provide pain management. We also provide topical products that address scars, acne, and other skin conditions to exceed consumer expectations for better health and personalized care.