Water soluble

100% Plant-based, safe and effective. They are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Our ingredients are produced from an innovative and unique biotechnology process based on an industrial scale production of active plant cells.

To create new and innovative active ingredients, so discover them.

* Anti-aging

We offer specific and repairing action to be selected according to your marketing claims and depending how old skin is.

* Brightening

To even skin tone, to fight against dark spots, active ingredients to be integrated in specific skincare products or in ranges dedicated to mature skins. To repair or prevent, according to the age of skin, the types of skin, and how long skin is exposed to the sun.

* Protection

To provide a better skin defense in difficult or hard climatic and environmental conditions, here are active products to put in sun care products, in any day cream, to get an active skin cell protection at any time.

* Balance

This is a range, in which products can be integrated in a complete range as the essential active. They provide everyday skin well-being, they provide original skin balances, in order to better anticipate and slow down cell aging.

* Hydration

Moisturizing actives to select according to the hydration state/the age of the skin. To get a hydrating and anti-ageing action at the same time.

* Sensitive skin

Active ingredients dedicated to sensitive skins, irritated skins, but also to skins whose immune system has been sometimes or regularly weakened.

* Energy

Active products which boost energy of skin, and give it comfort. To put into specific skincare products. They contribute to renew skin well-being or to relaunch a slowed down metabolism.

* Bodycare

Especially dedicated to body care, our range of actives offers global, specific or numerous activities. Actives to be selected according to the body areas to be treated, skin problems and actives of the other ranges you might have chosen.

* Haircare

Our active ingredients are on elementary needs of the hair build, according to its initial states. To be mixed with other actives to combine activities dedicated to hair shaft and hair scalp.


Encapsulated with the skin affinity biopolymer which is safe for skin and enhances permeability into the skin. It is stabilized active ingredients from light, heat and stimulation.

*Plant peptide

It exists in the primary cell wall of plant cells. It's made up of amino acids that helps to promote anti-aging properties in skin. And also keeps skin fresh and has powerful multi-skin effects.


Made from Korean traditional fermentation technology -Low temperature ripening that involves the process of decomposing a molecular structure by leaving the raw materials in their natural state with high salt and mineral content.


The natural plant extracts with multifunctional properties which have been widely used in cosmetic area.


It made from natural source which responsible for the skin's natural ability to hydrate and protect the skin from environments.

*Phytogenic Water

This series are the products extracting plant's own moisture to keep the skin moisturizing.

* Lava Sea Water

Seeped into the underground portion of the land, is naturally filtered by the lava layers. As an underground water source of Jeju Island, it is rich in minerals and nutrients without any pathogens.

*Powder series

The polymer can coat the irregularly shaped inorganic material or bio-active materials to obtain the hybridized powder of spherical and porous shape.

*Skin Emulsion

To prevents trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) and provides smooth and soft skin.

Eurol BT

(Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract & Water)

*A COSMOS-compliant multifunctional active ingredient from olive plant leaves

*A natural blend of diphenic compounds, including oleuropein *Anti-inflammatory Agent


*Moisturizing Agent *Skin Hydration Agent

*Skin Whitening 

Eurol WHT

(Glycerin & Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract & Arctostaphylos Uva Ursi Leaf Extract)

*100% natural ingredient combines the antioxidant and anti-tyrosinase Phyto complex of olive tree and bearberry leaves' extract *Brightens the complexion *Inhibits tyrosinase activity

*Inhibits melanin coloration

*Reduces dark spots

*Anti-inflammatory Agent


*Moisturizing Agent

*Skin Hydration Agent

*COSMOS compliant

- Exosome

- Microbiome


Oil soluble

Discover 100% Natural Oil-based Actives from Oléo-éco-Extraction

100% natural-oil based active naturals have scientifically proven efficacy made possible by our patented green Oléo-éco-extraction process. This extraction method is key: the foundational wisdom of biomimetic active naturals is that wellness and cosmetic benefits reside within natural sources. If extracted effectively, these naturals are safe and sustainable proxies for comparable synthetic ingredients.

* BIOME Oleoactif

Skin-Microbiome care, post prebiotic fatty acid complex, Strengthens skin barrier, Boosts skin's natural defense mechanism

* BLUE Oleiactif 

Antipollution, anti-blue light, boosts cells' defense system against pollution, reduces ROS production

* BRIGHT Oleoactif

Global complexion control, inhibits tyrosinase activity, decrease quantity of melanin coloration

CLEAR Oleoactif

Anti-blemish solution, decreases sebum secretion, combats hyperkeratinisation, reduce inflammatory lesions

DIAM Oleactif 

Anti-inflammatory aging, Anti-redness on rosacea-prone or sensitive skin, Improve collagen network


Moisturizing, increase instant hydration, antioxidant

LIFT Oleoactif 

Multi lifting effect, reduce wrinkle depth, remodels cutaneous microrelief, produces a smoothing and tightening effect

LOOK Oleoactif

Eye contour rejuvenation, diminishes eye puffiness, boosts microcirculation and decreases by 150% red dark circle pigmentation


Prevents photo-induced oxidative stress 30 times better than Vitamin E

* OPUNTIA Oleoactif 

Reinforces the barrier function and membrane fluidity, 1hr immediate hydration.

* PLUM Oleoactif

Immediate lip plumping, restore lip contour, reduce dryness and cracking, Improve skin moisturizing


Restructures hydrolipidic film, antioxidants

PROPOLIS Oleoactif

Premium anti-wrinkle, helps keep the skin healthy, scavenges free radicals' premium anti-wrinkle, helps keep the skin healthy, Scavenges free radicals

* Hair Oleobooster

Thermo-protective, protects against sun and heat damage

Life Oleobooster

Energizing, protecting the mitochondria function, prevent cell's fatigue

Tan Oleobooster

Increase melanin production, Boosting tyrosinase activity

Youth Oleobooster

Provides a strong antioxidant activity, Protects against aging signs

*Antiox GT

Natural antioxidants solution for anhydrous formulas, more efficiently against oxidation than tocopherols or rosemary extracts

* BIOCHEMICA Vitamin E Natural 

It is a red to reddish-brown oil derived from the refining of soybean oil with high alpha-tocopherol content

  • Anti-inflammatory agent
  • Antioxidant
  • Biodegradable
  • Dermal moisture content balancing
  • Healing promotion
  • Moisturizing agent
  • Plant derived / Vegetal based
  • Skin protectant (anti-radical properties)