Matting, opacity and brightness can be significantly improved with our materials which can also enhance paint breathability, burnish, scrub and stain resistance, and barrier properties. In addition, some of our products are used as TiO2 extenders.

All of our products are supported by a high standard of technical service, product development and research from a team of highly experienced scientists and specialists in the use of extenders in the paints, inks and coatings industries. 


Type of Finish Required Hegman Fineness Grade Useful Properties
Masonry Paints 0 110 Color and sheen uniformity on absorptive surface. High flatting efficiency.
Traffic Paints 0-1
Fast solvent release, abrasion resistance, durability
Primer Paints 0-1 281 Good topcoat adhesion. Good sanding properties.
Flat Wall Paints Interior 0-1 281 High flatting efficiency. Gloss and sheen uniformity Resistance to polishing.
House Paints
0-1 281
High flatting efficiency at low PVC
Maintenance Paints 0-1 281 Flatting efficiency . Good application properties
Semi-Gloss Enamels 4 499 High flatting efficiency. Easy dispersibility.
Stains 4-5 499 Low gloss finisher.