Cosmetic products such as sunscreens and makeup are required to be both extremely delicate and to fulfill specific functions.

Requirement for these product include a smooth and moist texture, a natural-looking finish and the outstanding ability to screen UV rays.

We can provide suitable materials for your formulation.

 Barium sulfate - Blurring effect on skin imperfection
- Long lasting of clear whiteness  
 Calmaru - Excellent rolling texture
- Blurring effect on skin imperfection  
 XZ-F-series NIR shielding 
 CANDY ZINC  - Offers a good skin feel with superior UV shieliding performance
- High sebum absorption
 Lumate series Can make you more photogenic 
 MKR Series Reduced photocatalytic activity 

We offer solution for a wide range of function ingredients for personal care products.

Care Sensory Enhancement Formulation Enabler
  • Styling
    - ACUDYNETM Hair Styling Polymers
  • Bio-Based Styling
  • Conditioning Polymers
    - UCARETM and SoftCATTM Conditioning Polymers
  • Cleansing
    - EcoSenseTM Surfactants
  • Sun Care
    - SunSpheresTM SPF Boosters
    - SOLTEXTM INO Polymer SPF Boosters
    - EPITEXTM Water Resistant Polymer
  • Softness appearance of Wrinkle
    - AgeCapTM Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient
  • Foam Quality/Feel
    - METHOCELTM Cellulose Ethers
    - POLYOXTM Water Soluble Resins
  • Lubricity
    - POLYOXTM Water Soluble Resins
    - UCONTM Fluids
  • Sensory Modifiers
    - EcoSmoothTM Delight, EcoSmoothTM Satin Sensory Enabler
    - EcoSmoothTM OptiTouch Optical and Sensory Enhancer
  • Texture/Flow Modifiers
    - ACULYNTM Rheology Modifiers
    - METHOCELTM Cellulose Ethers
    - CELLUSIZETM Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
    - ETHOCELTM Ethyl Cellulose
  • Appearance
    - ACULYNTM Rheology Modifiers
    - OPULYNTM Opacifiers
  • Solublizer/Humectant