From optimizing fiber production processes, to offering more sustainable textile printing solutions, to helping fashion textiles stay crisp and wrinkle-resistant, our proven suite of chemistries and broad range of technologies for fabrics can help you meet the needs of diverse consumer and industrial markets.


Silicone meterials for textils

  • Provides a premium, adjustable hand feel
  • Hydrophonic or hydrophilic (depending on type)
  • Water repellency
  • Good stretch and recovery
  • Improved elasticity and resiliency
  • Excellent drape and flexibility
  • Good durability
  • UV Resistance
  • Heat and low temp resistance
  • Breathbility (gas permeability)
  • Excellent fiber to fiber lubrication
  • Exhaustible
Silicone in Textile application Thread finishing
  • Lubricant - reduce coefficient of friction
  • Hydrophobicity - water repellant


Fabric softener
  • Amino modified PDMS for stronger attraction to negatively charged fabric (esp. cotton-based)
  • Low yellowing structures
  • Reactive to increase durability
  • Hydrophilic – high water absorbency towel


  • Scouring
  • Finishing
  • High-shear jet dyeing – stableness of emulsion is critical as to avoid deposition.