Sunscreen products are required to be both extremely delicate and fulfill specific function.

Inorganic chemicals for UV filter
Core material Powder grade Dispersion in D5 Dispersion in water

Ultrafine Zinc Oxide  
- Efficient shielding of UVA rays while keeping high transparency.

FINEX series DIF series DIF-AB series
Ultrafine Titanium Dioxide  
- High transparency and efficient UVB shielding: surface activity is controlled by dense surface coating.
STR series DIS series DIS-AB series
Functional ingredients
Product  Material  Properties 
 Barium sulfate  Flake-shaped Barium sulfate  - Blurring effect on skin imperfection
 - Long lasting of clear whiteness
 Calmaru  Spherical Calcium carbonate  - Excellent rolling texture
 - Blurring effect on skin imperfection
 XZ-F-series  Hexagonal Flake-shaped Zinc oxide  NIR shielding
 CANDY ZINC  Spherical zinc oxide formed by board-shape particle  - Offers a good skin feel with superior UV shielding performance
 - High sebum absorption
 Lumate series  Inorganic Fluorescent materials  Can make you more photogenic
 MKR Series  Pigment Grade Titanium Dioxide  Reduced photocatalytic activity


Our photostabilizers provide safe, efficient and persistent stabilization for a wide variety of personal care ingredients.

1. HallBrite® BHB

(Butyloctyl Salicylate)

A highly effective solubilizer for sunscreen actives and an excellent carrier and dispersant for micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, HallBrite® BHB has polarity higher than traditional solvents, and low viscosity. This product also improves formulation aesthetics while imparting an elegant moisturizing feel to the skin as an odorless, colorless and tasteless liquid.

2. AvoBriteTM

(Acrylates Copolymer)

AvoBrite® is the first cost effective, globally approved and China-compliant solution for stabilizing Butyl Methoxydibenzoylomethane (Avobenzone) and Avenbenzone combinations. AvoBrite® has been clinically proven to protect Avobenzone from degrading upon sun exposure and releasing damaging free radicals. With colorless and smooth AvoBrite®, sun care products can safely maximize the strong UV absorption powers of Avobenzone and enter lucrative new markets.

3. SolaStay® S1

(Ethylhexyl Methoxycrylene)

The most powerful photostabilizer on the market today. SolaStay® S1 preserves the effectiveness of UV filters by interacting with both the singlet and triplet states. It returns UV filters to their ground states — without absorbing sunlight. An outstanding solvent for crystalline UV filters, SolaStay® S1 is easily emulsified and suitable for use in lotion, cream, spray, stick and  gel formulations.

4. MicahTM 

Micah is the first and only product on the market that stops sun damage before it begins. Using a breakthrough discovery in fused-ring cyanoacrylates, Micah returns photosensitizers to the ground state, stopping the formation of damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS) and free radicals. Independent testing has proven that Micah effectively prevents ROS and markers associated with inflammation, photoaging, redness and irritation. Safe and effective, Micah can give a range of products a commanding lead in the highly competitive anti-aging market.